Joshua Egon Hearn
Art Direction, Design, UX

Volcano Bay Ticketing System

UX, Prototyping, Design

Multiple parks, hotels, vacation packages, and special events make Universal Orlando Resort a uniquely complex destination. The addition of a new park, Volcano Bay, to its two existing ones — all requiring separate admission — increased this complexity and required extensive UX and design exploration of the ticketing and annual pass systems.

Agency: Questus  \   ECD: Jeff Wagener

Initial approaches were developed using a low-fidelity modular paper prototype, which allowed for rapid iteration and exploration.

High-fidelity wireframes and designs were built iteratively as in-browser prototypes using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. This allowed greater control over the responsive layout behaviors and the ability to apply multiple control states natively.

Interactivity sketch.

Annotated Wireframes

Annotations were created using screen shots of the build at different breakpoints.