Joshua Egon Hearn
Art Direction, Design, UX

Universal Orlando Site Redesign

Art Direction, Design, UX

For this project I was responsible for creating an entirely new design system, implementing it across a range of content page types, then documenting everything and providing templates for UO's in-house design team and their other partners. As the project evolved, supplementary UX work was also required.

Agency: Questus  \   ECD: Jeff Wagener  \  Initial UX: Eric Ranelletti

Home page wireframe.

Navigation system and booking widget.

Tiled "Things To Do" discovery interface. Each tile flips over to reveal addtional details.

Map open/close animation.

Annual Passes page. The resort is comprised of multiple parks and hosts a range of special events. Annual passes offer a range of benefits at different price points to help frequent visitors tailor their experience.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter page. The "world" consists of two separate attractions, Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley, located in two separate parks within the resort, each requiring separate admission. To make things more interesting, visitors can travel between each attraction via the Hogwarts Express, which is an attraction unto itself — but only if they have access to both parks. Making this information clear, therefore preventing as many on-site heartbreaks as possible, was a uniquely challenging aspect of this project.

Design & Development Guide

Documenting the design system for Universal Orlando's in-house design team and the site developers was a key deliverable. In addition to this guide, I produced a number of templates at various breakpoints for future use.