Joshua Egon Hearn
Art Direction, Design, UX

TWC Integrated Ad Suite

Creative Direction, Design, UX

At The Weather Company (an IBM business), I manage a team of designers and art directors working across a range of ad products, including our Integrated Ad Suite — a collection of highly customized, highly effective native ad placements that combine our clients' campaign imagery with real-time weather visuals and data.

My responsibility is to set and maintain creative standards across these products through direct management and mentorship as well as by creating foundational materials that shape how we discuss, design, and present our work.

The Weather Company (IBM)  \   Reporting to: Brian Hull, Global Head of Creative Labs

Brand imagery is integrated with users' current weather conditions to create a strong contextual connection between the ad creative and the information users are seeking.

Aligning brand content to real-time weather is achieved via a simple 8-condition matrix that each ad unit adapts to. (original ad created by Brynn Heckrote)

Specs, Style Guides, & Templates

Following an organization-wide value stream mapping exercise, I took over the creation of our products' client-facing spec decks and style guides.

I also create the production and presentation templates that our designers and art directors use to produce and deliver our work.

Infographic detail of the Integrated Ad Suite.

I designed and coded this animation preview form which allows clients to review their ad in each weather condition across a range of mobile device sizes. (ad created by Martin Medina)

Past projects are accessible to Sales teams via an internal library.

Product Collaboration

In addition to managing the ad side of the house, I also partner with our Product and Marketing teams to define and build new offerings for our platforms.

UI exploration combined with custom ad placements, programmatic ad placements, and no ad placements at all.