Joshua Egon Hearn
Art Direction & Design

Animal Manufacturing Co.

UX, Design, Build

“AMCo is many things. It's a record label, creative house, and shop-for-hire, but in the end it’s whatever we want.”

Animal Manufacturing Co. had outgrown its original Tumblr site and needed a new online home. In addition to hosting information on various projects, bands, catalogs and merchandise, the site needed to be easy to maintain and update. I used the Squarespace Developer Platform to build out a modular site combining custom code and styling with some nice off-the-shelf functionality and a client-friendly admin interface.  Visit Site › 

Distribution of and pathways between site content.

Evolution of Animal

The first iteration of the new AMCo distilled all of the original content into a single-page layout, with smooth-scrolling anchor links as navigation. Nice and simple. However, as more content was added this became unwieldy at smaller screen sizes. Animal 2.0 re-organized the site into its current multi-page format, which keeps page sizes under control and allows fans to link directly to their jams via unique page urls.

Content map detailing the reorganization of the existing Tumblr site.
Collaborator: Tal Amiram

First round wire of the long-scrolling single page site.
Collaborator: Tal Amiram

Single-page long-scroller in action.