Joshua Egon Hearn
Art Direction, Design, UX

Universal Orlando

Design, UX

While working on the redesign of Universal Orlando's website, I also made transitional updates to their original site in anticipation of the overhaul. Shown is a refresh of the current home page and UX groundwork for two additional pages.

Agency: Questus  \   ECD: Jeff Wagener 

Refreshed home page. Without altering the page's existing infrastructure, I opened up the vertical space and introduced more imagery, color, and engaging typography in advance of the upcoming redesign.

The first round of design was focused on creating a lo-fidelity version of the home page layout. (wires: Eric Ranelletti)

Booking widget and digital utilities module.

Early Park Admission and Reservations Pages

Wireframes and preliminary page layouts for two new additions to the current Universal Orlando website. I developed the wires based on the current site structure and built out visual design starter files for handoff.