Joshua Egon Hearn
Art Direction, Design, UX

Landscapes of Quarantine

Design, Production, Installation

Landscapes of Quarantine was a group exhibition “exploring the spaces of quarantine, from Level 4 biocontainment labs to underground nuclear waste repositories, held at the Storefront for Art and Architecture in NYC.” I worked with Glen Cummings of MTWTF to plan and execute the exhibition design, organization, and installation.

Studio: MTWTF  \   Curated By: Future Plural 

The exterior graphic was made of reflective vinyl, similar to what is used on street and highway signage. At night, camera flashes had a dramatic effect on the ground glass embedded in the vinyl.

The venue.

Interior title graphic.

Interior wall graphics.

On opening night, Jeffrey Inaba's piece quarantined part of the sidewalk.

Preparation / Production

“Measure twice, cut once” as they say. Scale mockups of the production files overlaid onto photographs of the site were carefully constructed before the vinyl cutting began.

Photoshop color test.

Photoshop scale test.

Photoshop pattern test.

The real thing. Kerning, leading, and justification of these two-foot-high letters had to be done manually.