Joshua Egon Hearn
Art Direction, Design, UX

IBM Watson Advertising Accelerator

Creative Direction, Strategy, UX

Using curated sets of creative elements, Accelerator’s AI continuously defines audience segments and predicts optimal ad variations for each of them. Performance is measured in real-time to further refine these predictions throughout the campaign.

I worked with multiple stakeholders to radically simplify the product's client-facing materials, define best practices for creative executions, and create templates and processes to facilitate production.

IBM Watson Advertising \   Reporting to: Brian Hull, Global Head of Creative Labs

The matrix is the core concept of an Accelerator campaign. It is used to define the elements that Accelerator's AI will use to assemble the creative variations and ultimately drives the resulting analytics.

When it comes to the variables themselves, the more different they are the better. Shown are the "do's and dont's" for a Video campaign.

Video timeline template. Our design team takes the elements established in the project matrix and further organizes them in this format for client review prior to development.

Matrix Evolutions

As the product matured it became clear that different types of clients would require different approaches to setting up Accelerator campaigns. I borrowed the Needs Statement exercise from IBM's Design Thinking handbook to articulate and address a couple of issues we discovered.

Determining whether a given template's success was being driven by its design or its content was one issue I explored.

Featuring multiple consumer products as creative variables was another issue that required solutions.

Building Brands

In order to illustrate the concepts presented throughout the Accelerator materials I needed creative materials to work with. To get them, I created detailed assets for two generic companies: Kaya Snack Bars and Tegan Romero Automotive.

(branding for Tegan Romero designed by Shu Chen)

The Tegan Romero work wound up heading an article on the topic of AI-powered advertising.