Joshua Egon Hearn
Art Direction, Design, UX

Variety Pack

This, That, the Other

Collected one-offs, explorations, castaways, and process sketches.

Screens for a product label.

From logo development for SF-based photographer Ryan Burroughs.

UI animation sketch.

Illustration for Ketel One "Gentlemen" campaign social media.

Legend for sitemap documentation.

Poster proposal for an internal get-together at Grey.

Promo for an agency get together featuring 22-ozs of Rogue Brewery's Sriracha Stout and Peanut Butter Chocolate Banana Voodoo Doughnut Ale.

2-color screen separations for Sailor Jerry-based gig poster — overlap creates third color.

Proposed animated logo for an internal creative workshop at Grey.

Logo exploration. Developed at designwajskol.

Ingredients illustration for an Old Fashioned recipe, part of an agency pitch.

Pattern experiment.

Typographic branding experiments for a student magazine at FIT. Developed with Tal Amiram.

Early explorations for an Olive Garden digital campaign.

Primary and secondary logos, part of an imagined rebranding of El Museo Del Barrio in NYC.

Poster submission for a gameshow-themed town hall meeting at Grey NY, featuring a Greynaut.

Gerd Arntz-inspired isotype system. Poseable base characters were built with pre-defined rotation points — these could then be styled into individual characters for the purpose of illustrating a narrative. Developed at MTWTF.

Graphic treatment for an Olive Garden digital platform extension.

Graphics for a proposed digital extension of the NFL's P60 program, which encourages kids to go outside and be active for an hour a day (at least). Developed with CDs Colin Kim and Jason Hoff at Grey NY.

Logo and application for a corner store.

Proposed book cover design.

From a poster series for the Aids and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa, educating health care workers and patients about the treatment and prevention of airborne illness. Shown is the Swaziland translation.

Illustraton for a written analogy of the 2008 election. Developed with Perry Fair at Grey NY.

Posters for an FIT project exploring democratic processes.

Logo for Safari 7, a podcast series highlighting the urban ecosystem along the MTA's 7 line. Developed with MTWTF.

T-shirt designs for the Hole in the Wall Gang summer camp, one of Grey's pro bono clients.

Powerpoint graphics for an internal presentation. This was one of the first things I was asked to do at Grey, not sure if it got used.