Joshua Egon Hearn
Art Direction & Design

Amy Fleisher Madden

UX, Design, Build

Portfolio site for author, entrepreneur, creative thinker, record label founder, and all-around rad person Amy Fleisher Madden, aka Amy Fiddler. Her site needed a landing page, an index of ad agency work, a separate index for self-initiated projects, and a bio page — standard portfolio stuff. Of course it also needed a CMS that made updating content quick and easy. The Squarespace developer platform allowed me to combine custom scripts, HTML, and CSS with some handy off-the-shelf functionality and client-friendly administrative tools.

For the landing page we wanted a) something eye-catching that telegraphed "writer" and b) big, fat Futura type. I combined a type-scaling plugin (FitText) with a Javascript re-creation of the reviled, discontinued CSS "blink" tag (thanks for nothing, W3C) to create the effect of the headline being written on the fly.