Joshua Egon Hearn
Art Direction, Design, UX

Design, UX

The agency site was due for an update. A number of digital-design-types were tapped for treatments that would better represent the agency to potential clients, prospective hires, and industry peers. This was my proposal.

Agency: Grey NY

Grey has been doing business for nearly a century. They developed client relationships that span decades — not something many other agencies can claim. Communicating this through the site interface was something I worked on for the case studies.

Extra Gravy

During the wireframing phase I worked up some navigation features to help set the site apart from the competition.

Z-index transition from an category page to a detail page (and back), creating a sense of depth as you move between site levels.

Browser sketch demonstrating a keyboard and/or swipe navigation that moves through sections continuously, giving the impression that the site is one seamless document.